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The right to a good job that includes a living wage and adequate benefits;

The right to quality, affordable health care for all regardless of socioeconomic status;

The right to quality K-12 education to provide our state’s children with necessary skills and knowledge to pursue the   well-paying jobs of the 21st Century;

 The right of a world-class public university system to train and develop our state’s young adults and foster the innovation to attract businesses from around the country and globe;

The right to safe and secure communities through fully funded police and fire departments and other first responders;

The right to clean air, water and preservation of our natural resources, wildlife and treasured state parks;

The right of a well-maintained infrastructure through investment in safe roads, bridges, public transit and sewage and water supply;

The right to a just system of taxation that ensures wealthy corporations are paying their fair share for the services necessary to run our state;

The right to a strong safety net that provides the basic essentials for our state’s most vulnerable citizens;

The right of security in home ownership and protection against predatory lending practices to safeguard families from foreclosure;

The right to a secure retirement to protect our state’s seniors from poverty and homelessness in old age;

 The right of health and safety protections on the job;