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History of the Union

The Bakery and Confectionery Workers International Union of America, one

of the pioneers of the North American labor movement, was organized in 1886.

In 1957, the American Bakery and Confectionery Workers' International Union

was formed. In 1969, the two organizations united.

The Tobacco Workers International Union was founded in 1895 and was also in

the forefront of the labor movement. As it and the Bakery and Confectionery

Workers' International Union of America shared many common goals, both

organizations came to realize that those goals could best be achieved through

a merger. That merger, creating the BC&T, took place in 1978.

The American Federation of Grain Millers also has roots stemming back to

the 1800s. In 1936, the National Council of Grain Processors was formed when

federal grain milling unions agreed to unite as a national union under the AFL.

In 1941, the council was renamed the American Federation of Grain Processors

and in 1948 was granted an international charter as the AFGM.

Shared goals and industries caused the January 1, 1999, merger between

the BC&T and AFGM, resulting in the BCTGM.